Sometimes, doing creative work—especially creative work that includes periods of isolation, tedium, & frustration—feels a whole lot better around other people. Building Stuff @ sprout is a weekly studio session bringing together people doing work in the arenas of digital and physical computing.

We come together to learn, code, share ideas, ask questions, & build together. These sessions are meant for people who might be working with similar tools but are building wildly divergent projects, all of which share a certain sensibility around audience and quality. We want to support the creation of projects that are an expression of their creators, that are designed and built with a particular audience in mind, and that are scoped to be built, finished, tested, deployed, & iterated upon.

To this end, each session will offer time for critiques, technical walk-throughs, and share-outs by members to help us feel connected to each other and each other's work as well as open time for building and bs-ing.

Upcoming dates & topics