One of the most common mistakes in programs like this is not asking for enough help and/or not asking for help enough. Small, frequent course corrections (whether on choosing a project, debugging an exercise, or just wrapping your head around a new concept) are more fun and more likely to succeed and avoid the frustration of banging your head against a wall too long. So, please find a way to reach out!

  1. To answer technical questions, you might look to the internet in general as well as our Tools & Materials page first.
  2. If you can't find an answer there, or if you have other, course-specific questions, please feel free to post to our Slack channel.
  3. If you need more space and detail than that, feel free to send us an email. You can reach all of us at once at or just one of us at
  4. If none of that works, or you hate mediated communication, you can always come to one of our Saturday studio sessions, 9AM-1PM at Clover in Harvard Square or join us after each class session at Felipe's in Harvard where we will be available to continue conversations and answer questions after we are kicked out of the Brattle Street space at 10PM.