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Creative Explorations in Screen-Based and Physical Computing

DGMD E-15, Spring 2016

Welcome back, Bakhtiar!


  1. So, what can we actually make with physical computing?
  2. Workshopping Laura's project
  3. Break
  4. Open studio time for:
    • Exploring the Arduino & physical computing with Alec
    • Building things with HTML/CSS/JS with Shaunalynn
    • Spec'ing and mocking up your project with Molly & Bakhtiar

So, what can you actually make, in a few months, as a beginner, that's physical?

Fire Simulation on the L3D Cube

Bus Stop Indicator

LED Weatherbox

Turn Signal for Bikes

Movement-Activated Clothing

Standing Desk Sensor


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Specifying Your Projects

When is it specific enough?

Open Studio Time

  1. Exploring the Arduino & physical computing with Alec
  2. Building things on the screen from scratch with Shaunalynn
  3. Expanding on your project's mockup & spec with Molly & Bakhtiar

Arduino Demo Materials

Arduino + WebSocket

Arduino + Express

For next session

  1. In your journal, answer these questions:
    1. What did you accomplish today?
    2. What do you aim to have done by next session?
    3. What can we (the teaching team) do to help
  2. Work to actually accomplish the goal you set for yourself.
  3. If you get stuck, submit a Code Snippet Request or get in touch on Slack if you have any trouble!

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