Creative Explorations in Screen-Based and Physical Computing

DGMD S-15, Summer 2015,
Harvard University Summer School

22 July 2015


  1. The most useful, 20m conversation/walkthrough we can have with you today?
  2. Pairing on your project
  3. Pairing on their project

If/when we stop by,
what would be the most useful concept we could spend 20m or so working on with you?

Please come up and write it on the board,
and sign it with your name!

THURSDAY: 20-minute,
small group demos

  1. Summarize your project, including
    • Who is the audience?
    • Why do they want your project?
    • What differentiates a good and bad version of your project?
  2. Share your demo, explaining the rough outline of how it works
  3. Describe where you want to be at the end of next week
  4. Summarize your next, big obstacle(s)

Find a pair and try pairing on stepping stone extension and/or a next-step or bug for your project. We'll ask you to switch after 90m or so.

[Extended] stepping-stones

  1. (TBD) A basic gist workflow
  2. (TBD) A basic git workflow
  3. Messing around with circles as objects
  4. Triggering CSS transforms
  5. Click-to-drag in JavaScript
  6. Styling a nav bar
  7. Listening for mouseEvents in JavaScript
  8. Scraping single and several dynamic pages
  1. Scraping a static website with wget et al
  2. Scraping an infinite, scrolling page
  3. Collecting text input from a user
  4. A basic up/down vote example
  5. Blob detection in JavaScript
  6. Drawing on a canvas element
  7. Physics simulations in canvas
  8. Interactive animation with JavaScript and CSS
  9. A small introduction to D3.js (and a video)