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Creative Explorations in Screen-Based and Physical Computing

DGMD S-15, Summer 2016

Our final session!

Partner share-out

  1. Form a group of two or three — make sure there's at least one person who doesn't already know what your project is
  2. Take ~15 minutes for each person to give a test run of your share-out for Wednesday and then to debrief, taking note of people's comments and questions, as well as any bugs or challenges that may have popped up in your demo(s)
  3. Please feel free to leave this room to share-out — come back by 2PM
  4. Take a few minutes to make a TODO list from your notes and post them to your journal

Seymour Papert

(February 29, 1928 – July 31, 2016)

The emancipated child

Final Studio Time

  • Make sure the final state of your project is posted online and linked from your journal
  • Make sure the final slide deck (and whatever other materials you may need) for your final share-out are posted on your journal
  • Make sure all the materials you want us to see, to represent your work over the past 6 weeks, are organized in and linked to from your journal
  • And answer the usual questions:
    1. What did you accomplish today?
    2. What do you aim to have done by next session?
    3. What can we do to help?

For next session

  1. Email us a link to your presentation by midnight Tuesday.
  2. Email us up-to-date links to your journal and your /people card, if we haven't received them from you yet (we'll be in touch).
  3. If you aren't presenting to the group Wednesday, email us to schedule a time to sit down and present to us as a small group.
  4. Email us to find a time to sit down and debug, brainstorm your presentation, or work through any other, remaining questions.

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