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Creative Explorations in Screen-Based and Physical Computing

DGMD E-15, Spring 2016

APIs, pomes,
& cool stuff

pomes + Flickr

Sharing Mock-ups

  1. Find another person to pair program & share your mock-up.
  2. Take 30 minutes (15 minutes each) to walk your partner through your mock-up.
  3. In your groups, focus specifically on the answers to these questions:
    • What will success for this project look like? Who is it for and how will you know if it worked for them?
    • What's the next thing you don't know how to do? Articulate it as specifically as you can. (This is what you will take a go at programming with your partner in a few minutes.)

Pair Programming

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Studio Time

Snippet requests

For next session

  1. In your journal, answer these questions:
    1. What did you accomplish today?
    2. What do you aim to have done by next session?
    3. What can we (the teaching team) do to help
  2. Work to actually accomplish the goal you set for yourself.
  3. If you get stuck, submit a Code Snippet Request or get in touch on Slack if you have any trouble!
  4. Please read these pair programming articles before next session. Often people think pair programming will go more slowly than "just" doing it yourself. Often this is not true. We encourage you to reach out to friends and acquaintences in the class, through Slack if you'd like, to pair program over the break and weekend.

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