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Creative Explorations in Screen-Based and Physical Computing

DGMD S-15, Summer 2016

  1. What's next for your project?
  2. Sharing out what's next and riffing on your project
  3. Studio time

What are three, concrete problems or questions you'd like to tackle next for your project?

AJ Bennett Atul
Beth Chris Eric
Chrissy Sumedha Nitya
Dolphia Margaret Katie
Elise Selim Anabela
Evon Mandy Shelly
Faisal Maisie Meteb
Anushri Connie
  1. Trio up!
  2. Get out of this room
  3. Share-out the current state of your project, your vision for it, and the three questions you brainstormed
  4. Ask your group to brainstorm your project—not solutions to your questions, but riffs or extensions or other visions
  5. Come back in one hour!

Snippet requests

Studio Time

For next session

  1. Share out notes and next steps from your brainstorm today in your journal
  2. Also in your journal, answer:
    1. What did you accomplish today?
    2. What do you aim to have done by next session?
    3. What can we (the teaching team) do to help?
  3. If you get stuck, submit a Code Snippet Request or get in touch on Slack if you have any trouble!

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